Modish Hijab was designed by Nada, a Muslim woman, who is a wife and mother of five. Modish Hijab is located in Dearborn Michigan. Dearborn is the largest diverse middle eastern community. Modish Hijab is not only a brand its a lifestyle. A unique one-stop shop. Our goal is to make it convenient and a smooth experience for each individual that comes through our doors. We offer Makeup services and Hijab Styling. You can book your hijab style with Nada and your makeup with one of our talented Makeup artists.

There is nothing more challenging for a young Muslim woman than to be fashionable yet modest. Modish was born out of the passion to overcome this difficulty, making hijab easy and beautiful to wear. Our hijabs are high quality fabric that will help you feel confident everyday; whether you’re at college, the office, hanging out with friends or even dressed up for a night out! Our Brand is geared towards the young modern, stylish yet modest women. Today's Women are looking for comfort, style, and an easy and simple way to wrap their hijab. Our Hijabs are custom made in the best fabrics, you won't find anywhere else. Nada founder and designer of Modish hijab personally handpicked each material and customized the styles and sizes according to what she believes would make a perfect Hijab. Modish Hijab also caters to the younger kids, with our new collection Modish Girl. Modish Girl hijabs are all custom made and sized for the young petite girl, age range 5-12 years of age. All Hijabs are made in Turkey for our Modish By NM Brand.