The face behind Modish

Hello & welcome!

Read on to get to know the face behind Modish Hijab.

Let me introduce myself. I am Nada, Founder, Designer & Hijab Stylist of Modish Hijab. I am a wife & Mother of 5. 

7 years ago I started a small business out of the comfort of my home, styling hijabs for special occasions on my clients. I always stood behind the idea that less is more & always made sure all my styles were “Simple Yet Elegant”.
Soon enough that became my niche, & it attracted the young & modern clientele.

In 2016 I went through some very tough times with my husband’s health, which made hijab styling not a priority. I was so emotionally drained & stressed out, trying to juggle taking care of him, the kids & keeping up with my business. I really considered quitting all together.
But I didn’t.
Modish came to mind & AllhamdullilAllah for a strong & supportive husband. He made all my dreams come to life.

People always wonder who is the face behind Modish the Brand. I am so glad you are here to join with me on this journey and I thank you for your support