Modish Girl Collection

Modish girl Hijab is an elegant and unique collection that is designed to make young girls feel amazing and look fashionable at the same time. This collection is perfect for girls from 5-12 years old. This collection was inspired by Nada's younger daughter Zaynub.

Nada, Founder and designer of Modish Hijab is a mother of 5 Children. She has 3 boys and 2 girls. Nada's eldest daughter Fatima has Autism. Although she is on the low end of the spectrum, Fatima has a developmental delay and a learning disability. Fatima who is now 18 years old, has been wearing hijab from the early age of 7. We know how hijab can be very challenging for a lot of young adults, let alone a young adult who has limitations like Fatima. Therefore Fatima only wears the two piece Amira hijabs, which are easier for Fatima to manage. Growing up Zaynub has always looked up to her sister Fatima. However there was one thing she always wanted her mother to know. When it was time for Zaynub to embrace hijab, she did not want to wear it like her sister. She wanted to wear it like her mother. She wants all the pretty chiffons and prints that her mother was wearing. At that very moment, Nada recognized what was missing, and needed to be in the hijab market. There was no other hijab brand catering to the young girls who just like Zaynub wanted to look fashionable and feel beautiful in hijab.

In December 2019, Modish Girl was launched. With the help of Zaynub, Nada replicated four of the different hijab fabrics and styles into the young kids collection. Nada custom sized them to the very exact size that would be perfect for a young girl to manage. As well as being ideal for any adult who did not like a lot of fabric. The collection is named Modish Girl by ZJ.

Now at the age of 11 Zaynub has offically embraced hijab.

The Modish Girl Collection consists of:

Luxury Chiffon

Luxury Prints

Premium Jersey

Instant Pre-Sewn Jersey


This is a photo of Nada with Fatima (age 10) and Zaynub (age 3)